Haydock High School is committed to providing a curriculum that is broad, balanced, challenging and fosters a love of learning. We match our curriculum to the abilities, interests and aspirations of our students, to give every child the opportunity to strive for personal excellence. We are an academic school that aims to open doors for every student and understand the positive effect and contribution that creative, practical and vocational learning brings to a child’s development. Our hope is that every pupil who leaves Haydock High School has the qualifications, skills, knowledge and character to access aspirational Post-16 opportunities and to lead a life that includes positive relationships, resilience and financial independence.

How do we do this?

The curriculum at Haydock High School in Years 7 and 8 follows the National Curriculum. Over this two-year Key Stage 3, students follow programmes of study in English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, MFL, RE, PSHE and Wellbeing, Computing, Technology, Art, Music, Performing Arts, PE and Accelerated Reader. Each subject area maps their curriculum against the National Curriculum, whilst also referencing the skills required at GCSE in Year 11. We do not however attempt to narrow the curriculum at this time, neither in terms of the subjects taught, nor the skills developed. We fundamentally believe that it is important to teach a range of topics. For instance in a subject like History, we teach topics that we know will not appear in Year 11 GCSE examinations, simply because of the skills these topics help to develop and the belief that these topics will help to broaden the minds and experiences of our students beyond the narrow confines of the GCSE specifications. In this way, a well thought out curriculum really can improve our students’ future job prospects and life chances.

Every academic year, staff from Haydock High School meet with staff from our many feeder primary schools to ensure that good progress is made in all subject areas from our students’ very first day at Haydock. Learning from primary school must be built upon and not repeated. Similarly, as students progress through the years at Haydock, each year’s programme of study builds on students’ previous knowledge, experience and progress to ensure continued and sustained progress is made by all students and at all stages of their time at Haydock.

Classes in Years 7 and 8 are divided into two broadly parallel “bands” of 5 or 6 sets, both with approximately 125 – 160 students. Many subjects use teaching sets during this period, where each teaching set is determined by the students’ performance on the KS2 tests. Some subjects, for instance Mathematics, elect to set students independently of other subjects from Year 8 onwards.

All students study Spanish in Years 7 and 8.

There has been a significant increase in the numbers of students taking Spanish  as a GCSE option while students are given an additional opportunity to take French during period 6.

In Years 7 and 8 there is a ‘Climb to 9’ programme which, alongside exisiting curriculum enrichment for all, provides additional extension and enrichment opportunities to a cohort of identified students in order to further deepen their understanding of the curriculum via additional study sessions, project work and off site visits which take place outside of the school day.

Beyond the classroom, we aim to open the door to a wide range of experiences. All subjects provide additional learning contexts including school productions, high-performing sports teams including rugby, hockey, football and cricket in addition to numerous residential and off site visits to support and engage students in their learning. Visiting speakers and workshops are arranged to allow students to further explore subjects and consider how they relate to the wider world for example KS3 workshops in Maths, Engineering and Science.

There are numerous opportunities for students within all years to contribute to their school community. Roles such as prefects, reading mentors, transition helpers develop students’ sense of responsibility in demonstrating the school’s values and those of the wider society in demonstrating care and consideration for others. In addition, the student council take an active role in improving their school community and in shaping their learning.

Students’ wellbeing is supported in the curriculum via the delivery of the PSHE curriculum across the curriculum, within the PSHE curriculum and work with wider agencies to support students in other issues such as mental health and sex education.

Years 9 to 11 – a core programme, alongside a KS4 options programme

The options process currently takes place in Year 8 at Haydock High School, allowing students nearly three years of study on their chosen examination courses. This is a careful process which allows students, alongside parents, to fully explore their options. All students attend an interview with a senior member of staff to support the choices they make. This decision is in keeping with the principles of the school, as we believe the three-year examination course gives our teachers scope to embed depth and love of learning whilst covering the content required for terminal assessment. It also allows our students to take additional subjects at KS4, improving their chances of progression onto the next stage in their lives, be that on to a sixth form programme or directly into employment via an apprenticeship.

Through the options process, we meet the statutory national requirements and aim to provide a bespoke curriculum. For us, this means giving our students as much choice and flexibility as possible, whilst ensuring they follow examination courses that lead to positive outcomes and give them access to Post-16 opportunities at the correct level. Students are allocated an options pathway according to their ability and aspirations, and are asked to choose up to four Options subjects. Our 'Ebacc' Pathway A prioritises the English Baccalaureate subjects, which we believe open the doorway to many opportunities in employment and Higher Education, whilst students in our A1 to B pathways follow a curriculum that combines both academic and vocational to varying degrees which we believe best facilitates their likely next moves into college or the world of work. Students in option pathways A1 to B are given the opportunity to complete the full range of Ebacc subjects while our B1 pathway students complete their core GCSEs alongside a vocational pathway and continued intervention with literacy and numeracy skills to support their overall progress in achieving a full suite of qualifications which allows them to access level 3 college courses and successful employment routes via apprenticeships.

Students are offered a range of vocational qualifications in all options pathways. We allow the same amount of curriculum time to vocational qualifications as GCSE courses to allow students the experience of exciting and relevant work-based projects alongside the assessed content. We are flexible and inventive however in how this learning is delivered. Whilst most subjects are offered within traditional option-block models, others are delivered within already allocated time-slots, such as Cambridge National Sport, which is delivered as part of the PE curriculum. Additionally all students are encouraged to take Btec Animal Care as part of their studies. Evidence has taught us that students really enjoy this learning and that it has a calming and beneficial effect on their other studies throughout the college. It plays a key part in our PSHE programme teaching students important attributes. Please see the Options page for more information on the qualifications we offer on each route.

In Year 11, students benefit from the addition of 'Period 6' at the end of each day. This provides a vital opportunity for intervention in the subjects where they require more support. In addition, students are given the opportunity to study an additional GCSE in French which has a significant uptake. Students are given the opportunity to encounter work related learning opportunities in Year 10 and all students are guaranteed a ‘mock’ interview with volunteers from local higher education institutes and local businesses. Careers provision is planned and students specifically requiring additional support are carefully targeted.


The nature of the broad, balanced and enriched curriculum allows our students to develop and grow both academically and individually as people. As a result of this students of all abilities can develop and explore their learning which allows them to excel and succeed in moving onto their next destination. Students’ engagement with the curriculum leads to positive behaviour and attitudes to their learning.

The inclusive nature of the curriculum means that students of all abilities have a meaningful path of learning and individual development and success at Haydock High School. The varied curriculum and its delivery allows students to not only explore their learning and progress academically but also to grow in confidence as individuals within their school community.

Links to colleges and careers provision alongside the widened and deepened key stage 4 curriculum increasingly allows students to choose a bespoke pathway which allows them to succeed and find a route which allows them to excel and prosper in the next stage of their education and employment.

The programme of enrichment allows students’ involvement in the wider school and means that students are able to enrich their cultural experiences within their community and beyond. Additionally, work with external agencies and within the school curriculum support with issues related to their lives in society strengthens students’ well-being and allows students to be informed in their decisions and opinions as confident, resilient citizens both in their community and within their wider society.

Departmental Statements

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Learning Overviews

Design - KS3
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We care. We support. We achieve.

At Haydock High School our mission is to care for and support
each student so that they fulfil their potential, make outstanding progress and become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We will be relentless in developing our skills, and work with our parents, Governors and wider partners to ensure that every student is known, contributes to our community and is
fulfilled in achieving their ambitions.

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Haydock Curriculum

The pace of curriculum change continues to accelerate, for example introducing a more flexible Key Stage 3. Our constant planning offers confidence for successful delivery and assessment of these areas.

Over the last few years we have been successful in achieving Sportsmark, Investors in People, Artsmark, Careers and Guidance and Healthy Schools accreditation. We were also awarded the accolade of a ‘Get Set’ school in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

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About Us
& Our School

We are proud of our School

We take great pride in serving the needs of our students and are dedicated to each and every one of them making outstanding progress in their time at our school. To this end, we undertake a significant commitment and interest in them as individuals so that we can most effectively meet their specific needs. This care for their achievement means we have the very highest expectations of their attendance, respect for the school and our ethos, behaviour, happiness, fulfilment and academic progress. 

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Haydock Leisure Centre

Facilities With a £250,000 refurbishment in 2006, the PE department and Leisure Centre were refurbished to accommodate more people and classes, offering a wide range of activities to students and the wider community. The changing rooms are of a high standard with disabled access, automatic showers and private cubicles. Sports Hall The Sports Hall can accommodate the following: 5 a side football, whole Sports Hall Cricket, whole Sports Hall Badminton, whole or half Sports Hall Keep Fit and much more.

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