Attendance and Punctuality

Letter to Parents - Punctuality Letter May 2018

Letter to Parents - Attendance and Punctuality September 2016

AIMS - our policy aims to:

  • emphasise the importance to all students of maximum attendance and punctuality at school as an essential pre-requisite for making full use of all educational opportunities and to maximising individual achievement;
  • make explicit to all relevant parties (teachers, parents/carers and students) the school’s expectations on attendance and punctuality levels;
  • promote a consistent approach across all the Year Groups towards all matters relating to attendance and punctuality;
  • clarify the roles and responsibilities of all parties with respect to attendance;
  • communicate to all relevant parties the legal position with respect to attendance and the categories of absence which are deemed "authorised";
  • stress the need for home and school to work in close partnership to achieve high attendance.

Regular attendance at school is vital. Put simply, absence means missed learning; without it the learning process becomes fragmented and unsatisfactory. It is a legal requirement that students of compulsory school age receive full-time education and this, with the exception of those educated at home or elsewhere, means regular attendance at school. Irregular attendance leads to students missing important lessons and therefore not fulfilling their true potential; it also places children at risk and may result in their being drawn into patterns of anti-social or criminal behaviour. Therefore we take the issue of attendance very seriously and do all we can to obtain very high attendance from all our students.

What is an acceptable attendance rate?
Attendance is a national priority. All schools must submit data electronically (both in an aggregated form and on an individual student basis) every term. It is a key indicator of an effective school and, as such, will be scrutinised by OFSTED. In 2015, national data clearly shows a correlation between high attendance rates and high examination performance. Pupils with no absence are 1.5 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs A*-C or equivalent and 2.8 times more likely to achieve 5+ GCSEs A*-C or equivalent including English and Mathematics than pupils missing 15-20 per cent of KS4 lessons.

The vast majority of our students achieve over 96% attendance and this is what we expect from all of our students as a minimum. Sickness comes usually in a block of time over a continuous period; what we look for are unbroken weeks (i.e. those where the pupil is marked present on all ten sessions); students should not have more than one or two broken weeks in the course of an academic year. Regular broken weeks are a cause for concern and will be followed up by the school.

Authorised Absence
Authorised absence is absence with permission from a teacher or other authorised representative of the school. This will include instances of absences for which a satisfactory explanation has been provided e.g. ill health, medical appointment

Some authorised absences are equivalent to an attendance for DfES purposes i.e. when students are engaged in approved educational visit, approved sporting activity, work experience or educated at a different venue. In these cases the appropriate code must be used to ensure that they can be separated from those who are present on site in event of an emergency.

Good practice in Health and Safety also dictates that any student who leaves the site or returns to the site before or after a registration session must use the signing in procedure at the school office.

Authorised absence can only be granted in exceptional circumstances. These do not include family weddings or family holidays. We are supportive of parents and young people and we will discuss individual requests but the normal outcome is for these to be declined. If a student has 10 or more days of unauthorised absence (this does not include verified illness) parents will be fined for their child’s absence from school. Any request must be made using the Application for Authorised Leave form. A paper copy of this form can also be collected from school.

Unauthorised Absence

Unauthorised absence is absence without permission from a teacher or other authorised representative of the School. This includes all truancy, unexplained and unjustified absences or in the event of repeated or prolonged parentally condoned absence where a parent fails to provide medical evidence.

In order to gain and maintain good attendance at school every member of the School community should be involved in raising the profile of regular attendance and recognising and rewarding improvements.


We care. We support. We achieve.

At Haydock High School our mission is to care for and support
each student so that they fulfil their potential, make outstanding progress and become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We will be relentless in developing our skills, and work with our parents, Governors and wider partners to ensure that every student is known, contributes to our community and is
fulfilled in achieving their ambitions.

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Haydock Curriculum

The pace of curriculum change continues to accelerate, for example introducing a more flexible Key Stage 3. Our constant planning offers confidence for successful delivery and assessment of these areas.

Over the last few years we have been successful in achieving Sportsmark, Investors in People, Artsmark, Careers and Guidance and Healthy Schools accreditation. We were also awarded the accolade of a ‘Get Set’ school in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

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About Us
& Our School

We are proud of our School

We take great pride in serving the needs of our students and are dedicated to each and every one of them making outstanding progress in their time at our school. To this end, we undertake a significant commitment and interest in them as individuals so that we can most effectively meet their specific needs. This care for their achievement means we have the very highest expectations of their attendance, respect for the school and our ethos, behaviour, happiness, fulfilment and academic progress. 

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Haydock Leisure Centre

Facilities With a £250,000 refurbishment in 2006, the PE department and Leisure Centre were refurbished to accommodate more people and classes, offering a wide range of activities to students and the wider community. The changing rooms are of a high standard with disabled access, automatic showers and private cubicles. Sports Hall The Sports Hall can accommodate the following: 5 a side football, whole Sports Hall Cricket, whole Sports Hall Badminton, whole or half Sports Hall Keep Fit and much more.

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