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Attitude to Learning and the Choice System

Students at Haydock High School receive an ‘attitude to learning’ grade (AtL) every lesson, this will be either a 5,4,3,2 or 1.  Every lesson starts on a 4 (which is worth 1 achievement point) and if a student works well in the lesson this will be their AtL grade.  If a student shows an exceptional attitude towards their studies, then their teacher may move their grade up to a 5 (which is worth 2 achievement points).  At Haydock High School the vast majority of grades awarded weekly are 4s and 5s.

Points are added up each half term and students receive reward events for achieving a certain number of achievement points.  Please see the number of points needed each half term below.

Additional points can be awarded for a variety of reasons, for examples, outstanding homework and displaying values of the Haydock Charter.  Another way student can receive additional achievement points by any member of staff signing their blue #teamhaydock card.  Once a student receives 5 signatures, they will receive 5 achievement points.

Occasionally, students make poor choices and display a less positive attitude to their lesson, their teacher may move them down the scale and award AtL grades of 3,2 or 1 (worth 0, -1 and -2 achievement points).

When students are moved down the AtL scale a teacher may issue them with warnings.  These poor choices are linked to our Choice System.

The Choice System

We are fortunate that the overwhelming majority of our students are polite and well behaved. Parents and visitors compliment Haydock for our calm, orderly atmosphere and high standards of behaviour. We thank parents for their support, as it is important to have partnership and no mixed messages about high standards. The key word in the consequence system is ‘choice’. Students choose their behaviour and therefore can choose to be rewarded or choose to be disciplined. Students will now only have 2 warnings in lessons before they ‘choose’ a consequence.

Each consequence has a number: C1 – warning, C2 - Second and final Warning, C3 – 30 minute school detention, C4 – Removed from lessons 1 hour school detention, C4+ 1 hour 30 minute detention with Senior Staff, C5 – Internally Excluded from the site, C6 – Fixed Term Exclusion followed by a reintegration meeting, C7 – Permanently excluded from school

The ‘C3’ School detention will be 30 minutes (3:05 -3:35) and if students do not attend the C3 detention they effectively ‘choose’ a ‘C4 double’ detention (3:05 – 4:05).  If a student fails to attend a C4 detention they will be placed on a C4+ detention for 1 hour 30 minutes with the Deputy Headteacher or Head of School. 

Fortunately, detentions are not needed for the overwhelming majority of our students as they are a deterrent to help students make the right choice about their behaviour. However, some students do make mistakes and therefore ‘choose’ the consequence. Students will continue to be rewarded at school for having good AtLs in lessons and for displaying values that underpin our Haydock Charter.

How can parents / carers support the system?

Parents and carers can view AtL grades and C’s awarded daily by logging on to their ‘Edulink System’.  Parents are key to any behaviour system in schools. Parents should continue to reward and praise their child when good things happen at school and discipline their child if their child chooses to be badly behaved. Partnership and a consistent message from school and parents is critical.

Standards Cards

Every student at Haydock High School will be required to carry 2 cards with them at all times. The #teamhaydockcard will be used to reward good behaviours that emulate our Haydock Charter. One a student receives 5 signatures on the card, they hand the card in a 5 additional achievement points will be added to the system that will go towards reward events and trips. The Standards Card will be signed if a student has incorrect uniform, forgets to bring equipment to school, such as their Planner, pens, pencils and PE Kit. The Standards Card can also be signed if a student is misbehaving outside of lessons, such as being out of bounds, having energy or fizzy drinks or chewing. Once a student receives 5 signatures the card will be kept by the member of staff and a C3 detention issued. If a student refuses to hand over their Standards Card or does not have it with them they will be issued with a C3 detention. The student will then be issued with a new standards card.

For more information, please see our Behaviour Management Policy.

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The Basics

Lesson Basics

Standards of Presentation

Homework Expectations


We care. We support. We achieve.

At Haydock High School our mission is to care for and support
each student so that they fulfil their potential, make outstanding progress and become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. We will be relentless in developing our skills, and work with our parents, Governors and wider partners to ensure that every student is known, contributes to our community and is
fulfilled in achieving their ambitions.

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Haydock Curriculum

The pace of curriculum change continues to accelerate, for example introducing a more flexible Key Stage 3. Our constant planning offers confidence for successful delivery and assessment of these areas.

Over the last few years we have been successful in achieving Sportsmark, Investors in People, Artsmark, Careers and Guidance and Healthy Schools accreditation. We were also awarded the accolade of a ‘Get Set’ school in the run-up to the 2012 London Olympics.

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About Us
& Our School

We are proud of our School

We take great pride in serving the needs of our students and are dedicated to each and every one of them making outstanding progress in their time at our school. To this end, we undertake a significant commitment and interest in them as individuals so that we can most effectively meet their specific needs. This care for their achievement means we have the very highest expectations of their attendance, respect for the school and our ethos, behaviour, happiness, fulfilment and academic progress. 

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Haydock Leisure Centre

Facilities With a £250,000 refurbishment in 2006, the PE department and Leisure Centre were refurbished to accommodate more people and classes, offering a wide range of activities to students and the wider community. The changing rooms are of a high standard with disabled access, automatic showers and private cubicles. Sports Hall The Sports Hall can accommodate the following: 5 a side football, whole Sports Hall Cricket, whole Sports Hall Badminton, whole or half Sports Hall Keep Fit and much more.

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